Connelly vs. Olhausen, Who Builds the Best Pool Table?

Dec 30, 2012

The Best American Made Pool Tables for Sale in Orange County.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the almighty Olhausen Billiards. Their name is well known in the Billiard Table industry. They build great pool tables at inflated prices. We represent Connelly Billiards, the other, lesser-known American pool table manufacturer. Now based in Richland Hills, TX Connelly has been building higher quality, lower-priced, American-made pool tables since the 1980s. Connelly has built a reputation for over-building all of its products. From their oversized pool table cabinets to their innovative additional use of a fourth rail bolt, which provides superior rail support. Additionally, they pioneered the use of 1.25-inch thick slates on all of their Plateau and Pinnacle series pool tables. If you’re looking to buy a well-built American-made product for less cash, then look no further than Connelly Billiards’ lineup of superior pool tables.