How to Properly Move a 7′ Billiard Table

Jan 29, 2013

Billiard Table Movers in OC

Do you know why billiard tables are so heavy? Because of what lies underneath the billiard cloth is slate. Slate is nothing more than a slab of rock pulled out of a quarry and sliced into sheets small enough for a billiard table. Did you know the average weight of a seven-foot billiards table is 700 pounds? Yes, it’s true. Most of a pool table’s weight is comprised of three rectangular pieces of one-inch thick slate. On the other end of the pool table size spectrum is the nine-foot table. Those slates usually weigh in at about 300 pounds each. No matter what size pool table you may have, you should always disassemble it to avoid damaging your table and ruining your back.