When is it Time to Refelt Your Pool Table?

Feb 2, 2013

Pool Table Refelting Experts.

Here is a recent eight-foot slate pool table we serviced for our Fullerton, CA clients. The client called our Orange County pool table service center and described to us his problem. He said his felt was rippling when he ran his fingers across it. He mentioned that he had his pool table serviced about four years ago with new felt. At the time he could only afford the cheap pool table felt, but now he wished he’d spent the extra money on a higher quality billiard cloth. We normally use 21 ounce 75% wool 25% nylon blend billiard cloth, which when properly installed should remain tight for at least 10 years. Although my client saved a few bucks when he had his pool table refelted with low-quality felt, he’s now having serious issues with his felt needing to be re-stretched.