Cross Country Connelly

Apr 3, 2013

North OC Pool Table Installations

This family of five recently relocated from the East Coast to Fullerton, CA. They bring with them a seven-foot Connelly Azteca pool table. This three-piece slate pool table was crated up for its long journey to the West Coast. Our job today was to uncrate the slates and re-assemble this seven-year-old pool table in an upstairs office. The 11-foot by 15-foot room will be the new game room for the client’s three kids ages 10 thru 15. The room however is a tad bit too narrow even for this bar-size pool table. Not to worry though, we were able to position the pool table with enough room on the sides to use a 48-inch pool cue. Ideally, we try to position each and every pool table installation with a minimum distance of 48 inches from the playfield to the walls. The standard size pool cue which measures 58 inches will be fine for breaking and for shots made from the ends of the table. Although this may not meet BCA requirements or tournament specs, my client’s three kids will have hours of fun shooting pool!