There is No Substitute for Experience

Apr 6, 2013

Brand New Custom Pool Tables in OC

At DK Billiards we offer our clients the highest quality slate pool tables money can buy. What you get for your money is a high quality design that far exceeds our competitors’ cheap import pool tables. Our Importer/manufacturer is located in Marionville, MO and has been building slate pool tables under the CL Bailey name for over 15 years. Prior to that, in 1973, Charles L. Bailey started manufacturing billiard tables under the Play Master name. Although they have shuttered their US manufacturing facility and set up their own pool table factory in China, their table construction and design techniques are identical. Our clients just purchased this eight foot Traditional Mahogany Elayna for their Placentia, CA home. The clients were amazed to learn the differences between the bevy of no-name imports and a well built import from an American billiard table manufacturer with a history in the Billiards Industry.