Was Your Pool Table Mechanic On The Level?

Apr 10, 2013

Pool Table Releveling Experts

The pictures here are of an eight-foot Presidential Billiards pool table that was previously installed in our client’s Coto de Caza, CA home. The Matriarch of the family had originally called our Orange County pool table service center thinking her billiard balls needed replacing. We’ve actually seen some balls so out of round they gave the appearance of an unlevel pool table. But that was not the case here. My client had fallen victim to a Craigslist scammer who had quoted her a much lower than market rate price for a pool table setup. I speak from experience when I say that Presidential Billiards tables are one of the more challenging brands of tables to install. So it’s not totally the bogus bungling billiard mechanic’s fault here, but he did nothing to help relevel this three-piece slate pool table, not even close!

So after buying a new set of balls and trying them out at home, our client realized that it was probably her poorly installed pool table and not the balls being out of round. The client called back the next day to schedule us for a pool table relevel. When I arrived at the home the first thing I did was to take out my Starrett Machinist’s Level. I showed the Mrs. that when I placed my level in three different positions on the slate (head, middle, and foot) the bubble showed that both end slates were severely high and badly out of level. I told her this was the reason her billiard balls all rolled towards the center of the playing field. The only way to remedy the problem was to disassemble her pool table completely and start from scratch. That is precisely what we did.