Billiard Table Anatomy 101

Apr 23, 2013

Best American Made Pool Table…

When you analyze the construction deficiencies and attributes of an Olhausen pool table versus a Connelly pool table, you’ll have to start from the inside out. You’ve all probably heard the old saying about kicking the tires and checking under the hood before buying a car. We at DK Billiards feel that Connelly Billiard Mfg. builds such a superior product and are not shy about showing off the insides first. We feel that the cabinet is the most important part of any billiard table. The cabinet supports all the weight of the slate which can weigh up to 900 pounds in some of the tournament pool table sizes. In addition to supporting the slate, the cabinet must stand up to the rigors of everyday use. This means the cabinet must be the strongest part of any slate billiard table. Take a look at the inside of an Olhausen Billiard Mfg. cabinet, notice that you don’t see very much structural support at the corners where the legs are mounted. Connelly Billiards over builds all of their cabinets, even in their entry-level models. Connelly’s leg mounts are permanently attached to the cabinet by way of glue, nails, and screws. In addition to this, Connelly uses two pieces of solid poplar as additional vertical support for their leg mounts. Connelly even goes the extra mile by utilizing solid wood gussets in all four corners of their cabinets. So before pulling the trigger on the first big name brand pool table you come across, visit our Orange County billiard showroom so that we may give you the “inside” scoop on Connelly Billiard tables.