How to Safely Move Your Pool Table

May 5, 2013

How to Handle a Three-Piece Slate Pool Table…

When our Fullerton, CA clients decided on changing out their existing flooring in the entire house, they knew that their eight-foot slate pool table would need to be handled carefully. If you’re ever in a situation like this just remember to handle your slate pool table carefully. Many of our clients will actually undertake the task of disassembling their own pool table. In order to avoid any damage to your pool table’s slate, legs, rails, and/or blind aprons, your best bet is to break it down and then remove it from your game room. However, most of our clients just hire us to do the whole job of disassembly, moving, and finally setting the pool table back up.

This pool table we’re working on today is an eight-foot-three-piece slate Fischer Duchess. The clients purchased it from us about five years ago and are now ready to install new hardwood floors throughout their Fullerton home. The Mrs. was concerned about what type of leveling shims we’d be using when reinstalling the 800-pound slate pool table atop her new floors. “Not to worry,” I told her. Whenever we install any pool table on top of hardwood floors, tiled floors, or any hard surface flooring we always use our custom-made leveling shims. Our shims are made of a special blend of rubber that will protect any hard surface floor as well as grip it, so you won’t have any problems leaning on your pool table while playing a game and having it slide inadvertently. Our shims are available in thicknesses from .25 inches down to .03125 inches to really fine-tune the pool table leveling process!