The Ultimate Man Cave

May 29, 2013

The Ultimate Man Cave…

This eight-foot Beach Mfg. pool table was the subject of a previous blog post called “How Good Pool Tables Turn Bad”. Our clients had just moved from Texas to Coto de Caza, CA and the house came with this pool table. We disassembled the table and moved to the garage while a major remodel took place. The clients brought their eight-foot Brunswick Montebello with them from TX and will be taking this table’s place inside the newly remodeled home. Their Montebello will be the subject of a future blog post called “Was Your Pool Table Mechanic On The Level?” pt.2, which will shed light on one of the sloppiest pool table install jobs I’ve seen in a while. More on that later, let’s get back to the man cave story. My client had a few classic muscle cars he brought with him from TX but the Coto house didn’t have enough garage space to park them. So he rented this warehouse space in Lake Forest to display the three that you see here and two more that will be arriving soon. It also would be the new home for the eight-foot Beach Mfg. pool table we brought from the Coto garage. This standard-size pool table was about 20 years old now and had a few dead rails. My client decided to have us recushion the rails to give the table new life. He also decided to refelt the entire pool table since it was so faded from being in a room with lots of windows. He originally chose to go with Titanium-colored billiard cloth, but later changed to Black. If you’ve got an older pool table that doesn’t seem to have as much pep as it used to, try throwing on a new set of cushion rubber for increased ball action.