Antique BBC Stays in the Family

Brunswick-Balke-Collender Billiard Table Experts…

This antique Brunswick pool table has been installed here in this Garden Grove, CA home for 40 years. As a child our client used to play on this old Brunswick whenever she’d visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house. So when she and her husband and their two sons recently moved from Orange, CA into their new home in Anaheim Hills, Grandma decided to bestow this old relic so that it could be enjoyed by her Great Grandsons. Our job was to disassemble this circa 1940’s Brunswick-Balke-Collender over-sized eight foot billiard table and move it over to it’s new Anaheim Hills home. We were told by the clients when they had previously visited our pool table service center to choose a new felt color, that the old Brunswick was going to need a lot of TLC. The leather pockets were all in need of replacing as was the cushion rubber on all six rails. Our client decided on refelting the antique Brunswick pool table with a neutral felt color called Camel. So back at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, we finished disassembling the BBC and loaded it up into my van and headed for Anaheim Hills. I wrapped up the rails which we’d later bring to the shop to be re-cushioned and refelted. I boxed up what was left of the #3 antique leather pockets and planned on shipping them out a few days later to be recovered entirely with new chocolate brown leather and small external shields.

4 thoughts on “Antique BBC Stays in the Family”

  1. Would I gain anything by having it restored or is there more cost that what I would gain in value? I am in Minnesota by the way.

    • Hi Chris, unfortunately you don’t slate, rails or pockets to make a complete pool table. Maybe you could find someone who restores antique billiard tables to buy the the parts you have. I wouldn’t put any money into it unless you were going to hunt for the missing parts and try to restore the table yourself. Good luck, Dave.

  2. I am wondering if you guys would be able to place a value on just the frame and legs of this pool table. The last picture on this post is basically all I have of this table and am wondering if it is worth anything in that condition.

    • Hi Chris thanks for your question. Unfortunately this Brunswick billiard table model is one that’s pretty simple in style and I don’t think it would be to sought after by an antique pool table dealer. Unless someone in the world has an old Brunswick table like yours who’s missing their cabinet and legs, I don’t think there’s much value in the remaining parts you have. Maybe put it up on ebay and try for $500, you never know!

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