The Beast Heads East to the I.E.

Jun 29, 2013

How to Properly Move a Slate Pool Table…

We were recently hired to move this pro-eight-foot Murrey pool table. When we arrived in Villa Park, CA to start dismantling this oversized three-piece slate pool table, I realized it wasn’t your average pool table. It was very unique due to the fact that it was a post-leg pool table. Most all Murrey and Sons pool tables have traditional cabinets in which the pool table legs attach directly to the bottom of the cabinet. This model I call The Beast, because of its larger than normal size legs and body. This pool table moving job was going to be more challenging than the rest because the client’s staircase had a switchback. Do you know the old saying slow and steady wins the race? That was our motto on this move! My client mentioned that he had refelted the pool table about five years earlier and wanted me to try to save the felt. No problem for us. We very carefully removed each and every staple from the burgundy-colored billiard cloth. Within about 75 minutes we were on the road headed towards Corona, CA. Normally we’re in and out of a house in 30 minutes. Lucky for us the pool table installation in the new home was going to be much easier than the removal.