Big Pockets Are Bad For Your Game

Jul 15, 2013

Tighter Pool Table Pockets Will Improve Your Game…

Have you ever played a game of eight balls and wondered why all of the balls seemed to go in way too easily? Well, maybe you’re just that good, but the pool players at Vantis in Aliso Viejo, CA are going to be taking their pool game to a new level! We were recently hired to replace the felt on this eight-foot Brunswick pool table located inside of the Vantis game room. The pocket openings on this slate pool table were huge, nearly six inches wide on the corner pockets. The average size of corner pocket openings should be between 4.875 and 5.125 inches. One of the residents there caught wind that we were coming out to replace the felt and asked if he were to pay for the upgrade could I tighten the pockets. I said sure I could. We also upgraded the old charcoal felt with new Championship Tour Edition felt. Not only will this Brunswick pool table play better with the new billiard cloth, but all that play on the table will also enjoy the truer pocket openings.