The Basement Problem

Aug 7, 2013

Where to Put a Pool Table When You Don’t Have a Basement

A basement is a perfect place to put a pool table. But, here in Southern California, basements in houses are few and far between. Must have something to do with earthquakes, I suppose. Some people have bonus rooms, but those who don’t have that extra dedicated space shouldn’t feel left out.

Do you have a formal living room? How often does it get used? Chances are only a handful of times a year. You can still have a beautiful and formal room that includes a pool table. Having a pool table doesn’t mean that it has to look like a pool hall. Don’t believe me? Check out Huffington Post’s 15 Houses with Amazing Pool Tables. Photo Credit: Traditional Family Room by Northvale Designdining pool table

Don’t want to give up your living room? How about that formal dining room that only gets used for Thanksgiving? Swap it out for a pool table with a dining top, like the Aramith FusionTable. It switches from a slate billiard table to a dining table in a snap. You can also add custom solid wood dining tops to any Connelly Pool Table. There are also more temporary dining options such as insert/cover combinations. You’d be surprised how fun it is to entertain company when you add a game of eight ball to the mix. Kids and adults alike love to practice their shots.

And, if neither of those options works, there is always the garage. We have come across some really amazing garage game rooms. Beautiful indoor/outdoor carpet, wet bars, surrounded by drywall and non-fluorescent lighting.

So remember, not having a basement or bonus loft in your Southern California home doesn’t mean you can’t have a pool table. Finding your right space is possible. We can help find the right style and size for your room while staying on budget.