Time to Change Your Pool Table Pockets?

Aug 29, 2013

Broken Baskets Leave Billiard Balls on the Floor

Most quality pool table pockets are made of leather. Over time, the leather gets dried and cracked, eventually becoming brittle. When the balls hit the deteriorated baskets, the force and weight eventually break the leather and your balls end up on the floor.

On average, pool table leather baskets last between 15-30 years. Oftentimes, it goes unnoticed if the table doesn’t get much play. The pool table may look perfect, but a few games in, the leather straps begin to snap.

The baskets can be replaced on the existing pocket irons (the finger-shaped part that goes inside the wood rail), but it is usually more cost-effective to purchase an entire set of billiard pockets with new irons. There are a handful of exceptions such as Delmo brand and antique pockets with exposed irons.

Over the years we have seen some interesting ways to “fix” pool table pockets. Duct tape, painter’s tape, yogurt containers, zip ties, and 2-liter soda bottles all can catch your balls before hitting the floor. None of these are ideal, so visit our showroom or call to make an appointment to have your pool table pockets replaced. Also, keep in mind, that leather baskets and pool table cushion rubber tend to age out around the same time. So if your pockets are rotted out, chances are your cushion rubber probably doesn’t have the same bounce as it once did.