Clubhouse Welcomes the Duke

Aug 31, 2013

Clubhouse Gets Updated with Duke Pool Table

The Windsor at Main Place in Orange, California now has an updated clubhouse. We removed an existing pool table needing more work than it was worth. This inexpensive import pool table was scratched and scuffed up on the outside, but also had some major structural issues going on. The slate screws weren’t able to be secured to the frame properly. Not only were they misaligned, but the wood liner was also made of very soft wood, making the three pieces of slate impossible to remain level.

The separation of slates is visible by the white lines on the cloth (see photo #2). The unleveled slates created a small lip, wearing the felt thin along these edges. It also made the balls jump a bit when they rolled over it.

We disassembled the old table to haul away, then set up an eight-foot C.L. Bailey Duke pool table in its place. The Duke has a much more stable construction and will provide many years of great play. Metal-to-metal cabinet construction paired with double solid wood support beams gives this three-piece slate a secure base.

Remember that not all import pool tables are created equal. We can help you decide which pool table is right for your home and budget, without compromising quality.