Toned Winslow Gets Black Balled

Sep 5, 2013

Unique All Black Ball Set on Black Felt

Sometimes being blackballed can be awesome. This amazing Connelly Winslow with a special hand-rubbed toned finish found a home in Beverly Hills, California. Black cloth, black leather pockets with shields, and all-black balls give this traditional table an unusual kick. Paired with a matching wall rack, black triangle, and all-black cues (not pictured) this billiard table will be the star of any gathering.

Beautiful shell designs are incorporated into the aprons and carved ball and claw legs. The solid wood cabinet, premium cushion rubber, inch, and a quarter slate, and extra-wide rails, work together to make an optimal playing surface.

The Connelly Winslow is part of the Pinnacle Collection. Key features include:

  • Industry Best 1.25-Inch Thick Certified Tournament Slate
  • Extremely Quiet 4-Bolt Rapid Rail System for Superior Cushion Dynamic
  • 6-Inch Rail Surface for Improved Shooting Hand Stability
  • Choice of Premium Sights such as Mother-of-Pearl and Abalone
  • The ICON Cushion from Connelly’s Exclusive UK Aerospace Component Developer
  • Minted Solid Brass Nameplate
  • 2-Inch (8/4), Pre-Milled Thickness Solid Hardwood Cabinets and Cross Beams