Reunited After Eight Years

Sep 12, 2013

Beach Billiard Table Sees Daylight After Years In Storage

Eight years ago we disassembled this Beach Manufacturing pool table to be stored for safe keeping. Last week, we finally set it up again in its new Orange, California home.

This pool table has been serviced by DK Billiards four times now. We first met this table in 2001 for a move, then again in 2002 for another move and refelt with Olive cloth. In 2004, we disassembled the table in Brea, California for storage, where it stayed packed away until this past week. We set it up, installed a new burgundy cloth, and now it looks fresh and plays like it did when we met over ten years ago.

Storing a pool table is a wise move if you are unable to use it due to limited space or a temporary living situation. When broken down into pieces, it can be stored in minimal space indefinitely. Storing is a great alternative to selling, even if it means a few hundred bucks out of your pocket. If you sell the pool table, then want to buy a new one in a few months or years, you will spend much more money.

Also remember, a storage unit is not the only place to store a pool table. It can be stored safely on your (or a family member or friend’s) property in a garage or shed. It takes up less room than you think.