Mortuary Antique Pool Table

Sep 23, 2013

Antique Pool Hidden in Mortuary Basement
Antique billiard tables often present challenges during service, but this job was extraordinary. This Brunswick-Balke Collender pro 8′ pool table was in the basement of a mortuary in Orange, California. The stairs leading to the lower level were barely passable for an average-sized person. Steep, narrow, with a very low ceiling and a tight turn, made it impossible to get the pool table out.

The only available option is the shaft used for lowering coffins down for embalming. The billiard table’s owner informed us this was the way it got to be in the basement, to begin with. He was kind enough to have extra helping hands to get all of the incredibly heavy pieces out safely.

Once the table was out, we transported and set it up in its new location just a few blocks away. We used the existing cloth and the rest of the job went without a hitch.