Beach Pool Table Ready for Play – Again.

We took a trip back to Huntington Beach, California to setup a pool table by Beach Manufacturing. You see, back in August 2012, we dismantled this pool table for remodel. It took several months for construction and new flooring to be put in the home, but the billiard table was stored safely in pieces on the property.

Now a year later, the table is back in its original position with new cushions and cloth. The room looks fantastic and the family can once again enjoy their pool table.

If you are having new floors put in or are going through a remodel, disassembling your pool table is an important part of the process. Scratches, paint splatters can mark up the table when left in place, but even more damage can be done if construction or flooring companies trying to scoot the pool table around in one piece. Scheduling a new flooring move for your billiard table can save you (and the crew) heartache. Pieces can be stored in a nearby room, garage or even a bathroom. You’d be surprised how small it is when broken down. When the flooring is complete we will come back to set your pool table up, completely level, just like it was before.