Olhausen Gets New Bounce

Oct 22, 2013

20 Year Old Olhausen Recushioned

We were called out to this Yorba Linda, California a couple of weeks back for a re-level and refelt. The homeowners had just moved in and the pool table was part of the home sale. It had been turned from its original position and needed adjusting to fix the roll. But, upon arrival, we also found the cushions to be old and hard. (On a side note: this particular table did not have stock Olhausen cushion rubber. We are guessing that it was recushioned with an inferior product a few years ago.) The job was postponed and we took the rails back to our shop for re-rubbering.

We returned, releveled the pool table slates, and resealed the seams with beeswax. The new cloth went on and the rails aligned. It looks and plays great.