American Heritage goes Titanium

Nov 7, 2013

American Heritage Gets New Bounce

We were called on to refelt this eight-year-old American Heritage pool table in North Tustin, California. The family had just moved into the home and wanted to fix up the billiard table that was left by the previous homeowners.  The camel-colored cloth was worn and a little too beige for the new owners. Unsurprisingly, they noticed that balls weren’t bouncing properly. We knew exactly why when they told us the brand name.

After recushioning the rails in our shop, we went back out to finish up. We removed the giant felt pads placed under the legs (probably there to slide the table for flooring) and releveled the slates. We placed custom shims under each leg. They are not visible but protect the floor and pool table much better than the felt pads.

The new titanium-colored cloth is perfect for the room and looks great with the stain on the pool table. Titanium is a gray-blue color and gives a modern twist to a formal design.

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Our son Davey makes a small cameo in one of the photos as it was a very rare work with Dad day.