One Piece Slate Goes Downstairs

Nov 15, 2013

How to Get a One Piece Slate Downstairs

There is not an easy way to get a single slate pool table down (or up) stairs. Every time one of these jobs comes up on the schedule, we have to cringe a little. Even with 20+ years of experience, it isn’t fun.

This 8′ pool table in Mission Viejo, California was safely moved from upstairs to downstairs within the same house. Moving it down the stairs with a landing was tricky, but we took it slow. We put new camel billiard cloth and replaced the leather baskets on the pockets. Now, this 35-year-old pool table looks great and its new location in the home will help get more playtime.

Remember, these pool tables weigh more than 800 pounds when fully assembled. Hiring a professional pool table mover is the only way to go. DK Billiards is insured to move your billiard table safely.