Hall of Shame – Servicing a Brunswick

Nov 22, 2013

Hidden Damages to Brunswick Pool Table

A routine refelt in Newport Beach, California turned out to be just the opposite. When we arrived, we noticed the rails were sitting a bit too high, causing balls to bounce slowly off the rubber. Upon removing the cloth on the first section of rails, we found out why. The previous installer lazily placed the new green cloth right over the old staples and remnants of the old black cloth. Not only were there double the staples, but the added thickness of the old cloth also made the rail not flush with the slate bed.

Frustrated, we continued on, removing the second section of rails. The right rail flopped down as we lifted up. Both irons (the pieces that go inside the rail and are secured with bolts) on the corner pocket were completely broken. One was taped back together with masking tape! Each side of the pocket was nailed as a makeshift way to attach them to the rest of the rail section. We were surprised to learn this table was last serviced by a well-known local billiard store’s service crew. Clearly, the previous tech didn’t know the ins and outs of this very common billiard table.

We removed all of the excess cloth and staples, then placed the new Tour Edition Spruce cloth on. We replaced the rails and secured the broken pocket and now the pool table plays great again.