Brunswick Balke Collender Nonpareil

Nov 30, 2013

We had the pleasure of working on this 125+-year-old Brunswick Balke Collender Nonpareil billiard table. It was fully restored in the 1980s. New slate and rails were custom-built at that time by Adler to replace the aging beauty’s key components. Now, 35 years later, the cushion rubber (and faded purple felt) needed to be replaced.

After replacing the K-55 cushion rubber in our shop, we returned to the Newport Beach, California home to complete the refelt service. The new purple cloth is vibrant and the table bounces just like it did generations ago. The owner has fond memories of her father’s billiard table and now has a chance to create new memories for the next generation.

Antique pool tables require special tools and handling, but it really is a wonderful and satisfying feeling to see a pool table that is so well-loved.