Moving a Brunswick Ventura

Dec 28, 2013

Brunswick Pool Table Moves in Orange County

This Brunswick Ventura was recently moved from Tustin to Yorba Linda, California. The pool table was in great shape, but the owners stepped it up a notch by refelting it with new tournament olive billiard felt. The worsted wool material is chosen by professional and experienced players due to its low nap and the ability to make difficult shots. These types of shots require ultimate precision and subtle ball spin not possible on standard cloth.

The worsted cloth makes an excellent upgrade for tournament players or folks looking to take their game to the next level. And, as an added bonus, it looks amazing. The smooth texture gives the pool table surface a premium look and feel. This high-quality cloth is available in different colors at an affordable upgrade fee. Please refer to our service price list for cost information based on size. We also have a gorgeous 9′ Scottsdale set up in our showroom for play with tournament green worsted cloth. Try your hand on this table to see if this cloth is right for you.