Moving Pool Table for Wood Floors

Jan 5, 2014

Moving Your Pool Table for New Flooring

Whether you are getting new carpeting, new tile, or new wood floors, your existing pool table needs to be moved from the room. It may seem like a quick and easy thing to do, but as we’ve seen in the past, major damage can be done to a pool table moved in one piece.

The safest way for your table (and your back) to be moved is to completely disassemble it. This is what we did to this Pro 8′ Olhausen Cavalier II in Orange, California. The family is trading in their carpet for new hardwood flooring.

Since the pool table is about 15 years old, the owners are opting for not only new cloth but new pockets as well. With the pool table disassembled, the labor cost to refelt and change out the pockets is greatly reduced. Their top rails, cloth, and pockets have been lightened dramatically by the sunlight over the years, so there will most likely be a change of pocket and cloth color.

The flooring will be complete in a week or so. We will then return to the home to reassemble the pool table. We can’t wait to see the big changes!

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