Capitol Hill Custom Pool Table

Jan 17, 2014

Pool Table Moves from D.C. to Cali

This custom-built pool table was recently moved here from Washington, D.C. We were called on to set it up and refelt it so that it was ready to play in the family’s new Ladera Ranch, California Home.

We first leveled the frame and slates in the table’s new location. While removing the old burgundy cloth, one of the cushion rubber was discovered to be detached. We were able to glue the hanging portion back onto the rail and proceed with the installation of the new camel felt. We continued on, aligning rails and tapping the leather drop pockets in place.

Reattaching this cushion was simplified on this job, due to the fact we had the cloth off for the refelting process. However, if we were not refelting this billiard table, the process would have been much more complicated and would have required partial disassembly.

Cushion rubber is glued directly onto the rail. This is why it is important not to sit or lean on your pool table cushions. So pull up a barstool instead of using your pool table as a chair!

*Connelly pool tables are custom built and can have modern rails just like this. See the Del Mar and Del Sol for ideas.