Ailing Antique Billiard Table

Jan 21, 2014

Four Piece Slate Antique Pool Table

We were called out to this Villa Park, California home for a re-felt and re-level, but it turned into an unfinished project. The billiard table had been left behind by the previous homeowners but needed a lot of work.

When we removed the rails from this unknown manufacturer, we found the four-piece slate to be brittle and broken around the areas where the rail bolts enter. As we dug deeper into the project, we found that the table had structural damage from improper moving. We were able to secure one of the badly damaged legs, then went through some options for these “new” owners. Together we decided to step away from the project for the time being to think about whether or not saving this ailing antique is worth the effort.

Unfortunately, not every pool table can be a success story. This table is facing a grim (and rather expensive) fate. We will have to see if its lifespan can be extended just a little more.