Ailing Antique Gets Replaced

Feb 15, 2014

Out With the Old, In With the New(er)

A few weeks back, we started some work on an ailing antique Brunswick. We started shoring up the legs and prepping for new cloth and cushions. But as we worked our way around the old billiard table, more problems emerged. Since the pool table was inherited as part of the sale of the home, the new owners needed some time to think about whether they really wanted to save this piece.

After a few days of thought, and because there was no sentimental attachment to the table, the family made the decision to swap out the antique for a used 8′ Best Billiards table we had in our secondary showroom location.

We returned to the Villa Park, CA home to remove the old table and placed the “new” one in its place. The old table, unfortunately, was not able to be salvaged. We will hang on to the four pieces of slate, in case we need to help someone replace a broken set. The 100+-year-old frame, however, couldn’t be saved.

As much as we would love to save every antique, it just isn’t possible. It was a hard decision, but the family will create new memories and history with their new home and new pool table.