One Piece Slate Gets Crated

Feb 18, 2014

Cooper Table Moves to Oregon

We recently disassembled this 40-year-old pool table in Lomita, California. The homeowner purchased it in 1972 and there it stayed until we arrived. Original cloth, cushions, and, of course, its one-piece slate were waiting for us to break down and move into the storage PODS unit on the driveway. We built a custom crate to protect the stone on its journey North.

When moving long distances with your pool table your pool table slate should be crated. It should also be crated when placed in a storage pod that will be moved on a truck. Billiard slate is a heavy stone, but it can crack if moved improperly or jostled without proper support. Your slate is an important piece of the pool table puzzle. Broken slate can be hard to repair and expensive to replace. Slate patterns vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. There is no universal slate that will fit every table, so you must take care of your stone just as much as the wood and leather parts.