Game Room Remodel

Mar 22, 2014

New Floors, New Cloth, New Pockets, and More

A couple of months back, we broke down this Olhausen Cavalier pool table so the homeowners could lay down new hardwood floors. We left the pool table in pieces stored in the nearby garage until needed again.

We returned to the Orange Park Acres, California home to reassemble the pool table for play once again. The rails, originally a lighter stain (see the first photo), were restained to match the rest of the billiard table. With new black fringed pockets and khaki cloth, it looks new.

Whether you are getting new tile, carpet or hardwood floors, it is extremely important to have your pool table professionally dismantled for the process. Beware of flooring companies claiming they can move your pool table for you during the move by sliding it over. We’ve seen many tables damaged due to improper moving techniques and often the cost to fix these damages is more than if they were moved properly, to begin with.