American Heritage Setup

Apr 4, 2014

Pool Table Out of Storage

This 8′ pool table was stored locally in a storage unit for a few years while the owners searched for a new home. They finally found the right home and contacted us to bring it out of storage and set it up in their Orange, California home.

This American Heritage was one of the few we come across without dead cushion rubber on the rails. Setup was a breeze because all of the hardware stayed with the pool table. And, this billiard table was professionally disassembled with the cloth carefully removed and stored, allowing us to re-stretch it over the slate during the installation process.

Your pool table is an investment. If you are downsizing or thinking of selling your pool table to make more space in your home, consider storage options. When a pool table is broken down, it takes up little space. When you are ready for your pool table again, it will be ready for you.