Mammoth Pool Table

Jun 23, 2014

Pool Table Replacement Due To Water Damage

Back in 2003, I installed a pool table for an Orange County family in their Yorba Linda, California home. Ten years later, the table made its way to Mammoth Lakes, California, where it sat for months waiting to be reassembled. During this hiatus, the home had massive flooding and the pool table was damaged. The family decided to stick with their original plan for the downstairs game room and purchased a new San Carlos instead of trying to repair the old one.

We hauled the 800+ pound eight-footer 320 miles to the family’s beautiful vacation home. The weather was perfect and the air fresh (albeit a little thinner than we are used to at sea level). The khaki felt looks great and the black stain is a perfect contrast with the new carpet. The oak furniture will be replaced with black stained pieces to complete the space. One 36″ cue will be needed for shots involving the support post. We loaded up the old billiard table to be hauled back to OC for proper disposal.

This family is ready for the Summer Season and hopefully, the homeowners will send a few updated shots of the completed hangout.