Clubhouse Cool

Sep 22, 2014

This Carlsbad, California mobile home clubhouse is ready for a little game of eight ball. We installed an 8′ Addison to the community’s nearly completed game room. We missed out on the natural air conditioning this room would normally get due to its seaside location and came on the hottest day of a record-breaking heat wave. The usual breeze through the windows and doors was nonexistent and felt like we were working in a sauna. We burned a few extra calories for the day and the table looks and plays spectacularly.

The Addison is a great fit for this type of space not only because of its commercial look, but the solid construction and chrome accents put up with hours and hours of play. The clubhouse decided to stick with neutral Taupe-colored cloth to keep things neutral. Homeowners will have a great time in this new shared space.