Black and Tan

Sep 26, 2014

Black Felt Looks Sharp

This 8′ pool light maple pool table in Norco, California is ready for good times again. Aging cushion rubber was replaced and new black felt and black leather pockets were added.

If you notice yourself having to hit the ball harder than you used to, or in comparison to a new pool table, you may need a billiard recushioning service. Typically, cushion rubber lasts around 20-25 years, although some high-quality cushion rubber lasts longer. Inferior cushion rubber sometimes doesn’t last five years. If the pool table has seen direct sunlight, cushion life will be greatly reduced. You can test your cushions by rolling a ball firmly against a cushion on the short side. It should make 3-4 cushions to cushion contacts before coming to rest. The telltale sign of a dead cushion is a “thud” noise on contact. Cushions should be quiet and lively.

New cushions are often done in conjunction with refelting. Many times new pockets are needed, because like the rubber, the leather baskets get old, dry, and begin to crack and break. It is a bit of an investment to do all of this, but your table will not only look like new, but it will play like it also.