Modern Gray Oak Pool Table with Dining Option

Dec 16, 2014

A little punch of color is fun, but this Aramith FusionTable knocks it out of the park with Simonis chartreuse. Our San Juan Capistrano, California client was looking for colors to compliment his cabinets and lime green accent wall. He knew it would be close, but we were stunned at the match considering there wasn’t a cabinet or paint sample when he picked out his Grey Oak and Powder Coat dining/pool table. Needless to say, he was stoked.

The Fusion is a great option for folks looking for a modern-looking dining table. The added bonus of a slate pool table hidden beneath the leaves makes for a wonderful surprise to guests. This billiard table has adjustable legs, allowing for both proper playing height and comfortable dining at the lower position. The level of the table remains true and is unaffected by the change.

View the FusionTable in person at our pool table showroom in Orange, California. Different stains and finishes are available, along with other contemporary and traditional pool table designs.