Russian Pyramid Billiards

Mar 24, 2015

Here in the U.S., most folks are familiar with American Billiard games such as 8-ball and nine-ball. Some are even familiar with Carom Billiards and Snooker. Recently, we had a chance to work on an awesome 11′ Russian Pyramid Billiard table. This is a bit of an uncommon game here in the states. I’ve worked on a few in my career, so it wasn’t a huge surprise to be called out from Orange County to Beverly Hills to refelt this eight-legged beast. Experience is a necessity when it comes to specialty tables like these.

Russian Pyramid tables are large like snooker tables, but use larger, white numbered balls and are pocketed differently than other table games. The owner is an avid player and noticed the table had a bit of a drift. We realigned the three pieces of slate and resealed the seams before stretching the brand new Simonis 860. He was thrilled and so were we.