Saddleback Anniversaries

Apr 10, 2015

Residents at the Saddleback MobiLodge in Tustin, California have two “new” pool tables to play on. We were contacted by management for a recushion and refelt. When I stopped by to pick up the rails, I found two well-loved and often used 60-year-old 9′ Brunswick Anniversary tables. It was then I realized we’d have to do some schedule switching to get these tables rolling their best again.

We carved out an entire day to dedicate to these two tables. Recushioning a billiard table is a big process and doing it correctly takes time and know-how. A specialty table like the Anniversary can be tricky due to the rail construction. We took the old crumbling rubber off, then hand sanded each individual rail piece before carefully placing the new rubber on. Luckily, the clubhouse had a small outside space for us to work, so that sawdust and glue fumes didn’t build up inside. The warm, dry weather outside also helps the glue set properly.

After the new facings were trimmed, we installed new tournament green felt. The tables now play just like they did when they were installed all those years ago. The residents were stunned at the transformation. I even ran into Lionel, the grandfather of Anthony, my friend since childhood. I treated him to a brand new BCA rule book that had been lost many years ago and he was thrilled to see all we accomplished in one (very long) day.

This job took nearly 12 hours to complete and had special circumstances in which completing it in one day was the best scenario. Most residential jobs are split up into two trips and have us working on the rails in our workshop. More information on recushioning can be found on our service page or by visiting our Orange County pool table showroom.