Breathing Life into Antique Pool Table

Apr 13, 2015

This Tustin, California family’s 90+ year old pool table was no longer able to provide a decent game of pool. Not only was the cloth old and worn, but the cushions also weren’t providing the bounce necessary for good play.

We had to fight with the aging wood rails a bit to get the new rubber on and aligned properly. Getting the new cloth over the new rubber was also tricky, as antiques have very little workspace on the underside of the rail to install felt. But the new red Teflon cloth looks great, and the garage game room is ready for action.

Extra time and experience come in handy when dealing with specialty billiard tables. These jobs will cost you a bit more, but provide a better playing experience in the long run. Having a proper billiard mechanic ensures that your table ends up looking and playing awesome no matter its age.