Surf City Beauty

Apr 16, 2015

This 8′ Renaissance pool table is back in action after a new flooring/recushion hiatus. The Huntington Harbour, California homeowners were replacing the carpet and called us out to disassemble this 40-year-old Charles A. Porter original billiard table.

In the interim, we replaced the aging cushion rubber and cracking leather baskets (leaving the pristine pocket fringe in place). A new camel felt was installed. We returned to the home and placed the table back in its original position. Piece by piece, it returned to its former glory. Intricate details in the frame, legs, and blind aprons were carefully sidestepped. Very few pool tables have this amount of detail.

The table now looks and plays just like it did the day of original delivery, much to the delight of the homeowners.

Whether your table is 4 or 40 years old, it is important to use proper moving techniques when installing new flooring. Find more information on our pool table moving services page or call our Orange County Billiard Service Center.