Clubhouse Remodel

Apr 23, 2015

This Huntington Beach community center clubhouse just underwent a huge transformation. The property management contacted us to assist in moving their two Peter Vitalie pool tables for new flooring. New flooring moves most often require complete disassembly to get them out of the way. These, fortunately, checked off the few boxes necessary in order to dolly. The one-piece slates, solid wood frame, and adequate space to dolly with no threshold, made it possible to get these billiard tables out of the way to install the new gorgeous tile flooring.

The pool tables needed some overhauling due to age and wear, so we used the remodeling hiatus to get the rails recushioned and refelted. The existing pockets were badly damaged and needed replacing. Unfortunately, this older Vitalie did not have the standard #6 irons. The leather had to be completely cut from the metal, then completely rebuilt since the irons used are no longer available. While this did add a bit to the total cost of the job, the pockets won’t have to be replaced for about 30 years.

When we returned to the property, the flooring was complete, as was most of the new lighting and decorations. We dollied the pool tables back to their original location, then leveled them. We installed the new spruce felt and leather basket pockets and the clubhouse looks amazing!