New Floors and Tour

Apr 28, 2015

When new carpeting was planned for this San Clemente, California game room. We dismantled the 8′ World of Leisure pool table and moved the pieces to the garage nearby so the flooring company could do their thing. In the interim, we recushioned the aging rails to give a new bounce. A few weeks later we returned to the home, and placed the billiard table back in its original location, taking care to measure and align the frame in the room. Lighting overhead was already in place and placing the table haphazardly would likely give annoying shadows during gameplay.

Our customers are avid players and chose to go with Tour Edition worsted wool cloth in dark green. Together with the new cushions, the tightly woven tournament felt gives professional quality play. Check out the felt colors and styles we offer by visiting our showroom or cloth colors page.