Back in the Spotlight

Apr 30, 2015

This Brunswick Heritage pool table lived in the basement of this North Tustin, California home for over forty years. The family did some reconfiguration and made space for it to come into the main part of the house.

We were originally called out to pick up the rails for a recushion job as the first step to the in-house move process. Luckily, the original Century cushions were still good. This is in part due to the quality of the material, but mostly because the table stayed at a very consistent temperature and saw no sunlight for so many years.

The refelt process began with the billiard table in its original basement location. We placed new cloth and pounded the feather strips back in while the table was still intact since there is a unirail. After, we carried the rails out to the patio to complete the refelting on the underside. We then moved all the pieces from the basement to the room off the patio. After leveling the three-piece slate, new dark green felt was stretched over the bed, then the unirail was placed on and tightened down.

This mid-century modern table is now ready to be seen and played on for many years to come.