Nine Foot Delta Out of Storage

May 1, 2015

We disassembled this 9′ Delta back in February 2011. The family needed space but didn’t necessarily want to part with their pool table. Fast forward four years and the daughter of the family now has her own place with space for the billiard table she grew up playing on.

We assembled the frame in its new home and placed the slates on top. After leveling, we placed the old cloth we had carefully removed years ago on top. While it was in good shape, it had been used twice before making the piece a bit smaller than what we normally use. It was very difficult to stretch, but we made it work one last time. It will be just fine until the next refelt (or move).

It is worth considering disassembling and storing your old pool table rather than selling it. Sometimes, families go through a transition period where the pool table isn’t getting used as much. Maybe the kids are off to college or new retirees are traveling, not spending much time at home. Remember that kids, nieces, and nephews may wish to set up your pool table in their own home. A pool table, when broken down into pieces, can be stored indefinitely and occupy less space than you think.