Dinner with a Side of Billiards

May 4, 2015

This Fountain Valley, California family can finally have a spacious place to gather for a meal. Not only did they go through a lengthy remodel, but they were also stuck using a folding table for dinner when their FusionTable was delayed shipping from Belgium. They were (thankfully) incredibly patient and now have a gorgeous convertible dining/pool table to gather with family and friends.

They chose a Walnut Stainless Steel version of the Fusion paired with Simonis Mocha colored cloth. The two matching Fusion benches (sold separately) provide ample seating for at least 8, still leaving room on the ends to add more seating. They may look simple, but their heavy steel frame can withstand more weight than you think, without a single bow. They store perfectly underneath during billiard play.

The Aramith FusionTable comes standard with three dining leaves (different veneers available) to match the rails of the pool table hiding beneath. The pockets, although hidden, hold more balls than a standard antique-style leather basket. And, one of the best, most unique features of the Fusion is the lift-lock legs that allow for both proper dining and playing height. All of your Aramith playing equipment can be stored within the table for everyday dining use. A lightweight but effective cover drapes over the felt to protect any drips from sneaking through the leaves.

Visit our Orange County showroom to learn more about the Fusion or call the Fusion Hotline at 714-620-4001 and talk to DK about the options available.