Black and White Delight

May 5, 2015

This rustic Reno found a home in Irvine, California. The 8′ rustic style pool table features scraped wood in light white washed finish. Our customer decided on black Teflon felt, creating a big contrast against the table’s stain.

The Pottery Barn inspired heavy solid wood pieces go together a bit like a puzzle. Each part has specific notches that hold everything together securely. The three-piece one-inch backed slate is supported by the 300 lb. frame. After the slates go on, are leveled, the cloth is placed on, and the assembled rails go on top. Even the top corner pieces and aprons are notched, completing the look.

Leather drop buckets are tacked in and this pool table install is in the books and ready for its first game. View the Reno Rustic (also available in a dark stain) in our Orange County Billiard Showroom.