Gameroom Shed on the Water

May 12, 2015

A gentleman in Earp, California gave us a call after seeing our sticker on a pool table he purchased from a thrift store. After a long chat, we realized that we were the ones that disassembled the pool table. How exactly it got out to Earp remains a mystery.

By chance, a delivery to Lake Havasu was already on our schedule and we made arrangements to make this uncrate/setup happen.

The house sat on the peaceful waterfront in this tiny town on the border of Arizona. A large shed was built as a game room and was the right size to accommodate this 7′ Goldenwest billiard table. We uncrated the slates and unwrapped the cloth that we had carefully removed years before. The frame went together perfectly and the slates were leveled and sealed. We stretched the old cloth on, aligned the rails and the table was ready to go, just like it was years before in Orange County.

Proper disassembly of a pool table makes a huge difference when the time comes for it to be reinstalled. Crating the slates is imperative when being moved on a large truck, but isn’t necessary if the pool table will be stored on your property. It is a great way to hang on to your pool table without occupying much space in your home or storage unit. We can walk you through all your dismantle and storage options to find the right one for your situation and budget.