Dodger Blue on the Patio

May 14, 2015

We are lucky to live in a climate that allows many of our clients to have an outdoor game room. This 8′ DLT pool table under a large covered patio in Artesia, California is a fun hangout for family and friends. The old black cloth was worn thin and years of dust buildup were a definite nuisance. Looking for a change, this Los Angeles Dodger fan was eager to swap black for Euro Blue with Steel Gray rails. Now this table has a clean slate (literally) and is ready for more years of enjoyment.

Covered patios are a great option for a billiard space, but keep in mind there is a bit more maintenance involved. A heavy-duty cover can help tremendously. Still, the elements can still age your table much quicker than one indoors. Wind, dust, morning dew, and direct sunlight can become your table’s worst enemy. And, your pool table brush will become a very close friend. Consider all scenarios before placing a pool table outside. Under the right circumstances, you may add an extended living and entertaining space you never knew you had.