Finished Basement Beauty

May 20, 2015

Here in Southern California, basements are few and far between. However, this Hermosa Beach, California home has a gorgeous finished basement and in it, a brand new 7′ Del Sol pool table.

Getting this contemporary style Connelly downstairs was a bit interesting. There was access through the ceiling, reminiscent of the mortuary pool table a couple of years back. We were able to get the frame, legs, and hardware down, but the slates were carried down the stairs individually. The stair route was a bit longer but safer for the heavy stones (and our backs).

This American-made Del Sol is constructed from solid oak and has a black finish. The grain of the oak is subtle but still peeks through when the light hits it or if you graze your hand gently over it. The ocelot print and standard blue combination was an unusual choice, though one we have seen before on a wenge FusionTable. It’s a fun pop of color and is a great contrast against dark wood.

The Del Sol is just one of the contemporary-style billiard tables we offer. Visit our Orange County pool table showroom for more details.