Golden Brunswick

Jun 11, 2015

We just finished up this Brunswick Orleans in Yorba Linda, California. The pro 8′ classic now has new cushion rubber, golden felt, and leather baskets to get this family back in the game.

Aging pool tables often need a major overhaul once they hit about 35-50 years old. Even if the table hasn’t been played on much or still looks perfect, it likely needs some love under the cover. Cushion rubber deteriorates over time and loses its elasticity, causing balls not to bounce properly. Leather straps of pockets dry out and become brittle over time. These pieces eventually break leaving your balls to hit the floor.

Many of these older billiard tables can be brought back to life at a cost less than purchasing a new replacement. When inquiring about service on your table, please have dimensions and manufacturer’s name handy. These two things will help us get you the most accurate quote for recushion and refelt services.